7:05-7:15 Devised Presentations 

Kayla Greene – Presenting Devised Piece “Are U Happy?” 

Maite Martin – Presenting Devised Piece “Memories Best Kept the Brooklyn Way” 

7:15-7:30 Monologues 

THE LOTUS EATERS ANONYMOUS by Nolan Patrick Frontera, with Joshua Newkirk

THE TRUTH by/with Avinash Nandlal

LOOK AT ME by Sheila Gilot, with Shatisha Bryant 

MORE THAN THAT by Kayla Greene, with Shatisha Bryant

MAYBE I WAS MEANT TO SURVIVE by Myrlevens Danaee Adrien with Shatisha Bryant

7:30-8:15  10 Minute Plays 


Jake Okula – Playwright

Mu-Hsi Kao – Director

Anabel Lugones as Billie aka Bill

G’Maeri Clarke as Nicole aka Nick

Erica Jeudy as Catherine

Myrlevens Adrien as Dylan


Leonardo Gonzalez Dominguez – Playwright

Curtis Howard – Production – Director

Roy Scandela as Zero

Chris Garcia as Doug


Chelsea Allison – Playwright 

Doreen  M. Nemorin – Director

Za’Qerrah Wilson as Tracey 

Talimah Murphy as Shan


Georgina Woo  – Playwright

Jill Alday  – Director 

Shatisha Bryant as Shawntay 

Maite Martin as Kira 

The 2022 CTF Company:

Myrlevens Adrien (York College)

Jill Alday (BMCC)

Chelsea Allison (Brooklyn College)

Sha-ti-sha Bryant (BMCC)

G’Maeri Clarke (Baruch College)

Leonardo Gonzalez Dominguez (BMCC)

Nolan Patrick Frontera (Brooklyn College)

Chris Garcia (BMCC)

Sheila Gilot (LaGuardia Community College)

Kayla Greene(LaGuardia Community College)

Curtis Howard (CUNY)

Erica Jeudy (York College)

Mu-Hsi Kao (Hunter College)

Anabel Lugones De Leon (Hunter College)

Maite Martin (LaGuardia Community College)

Talimah Murphy (BMCC)

Doreen  M. Nemorin (LaGuardia Community College)

Joshua Newkirk (BMCC)

Avinash Nandla (City Tech)

Jake Okula (Brooklyn College)

Roy Scandela (BMCC)

Gili Sharett (Lehman College)

Za’Qerrah Wilson (LaGuardia Community College) 

Georgina Woo (Hunter College)